** There will be no Wings Festival in 2018 **

Birds of Prey Demonstration

LAST CHANCE FOREVER, The Birds of Prey Conservancy

Adults are $5, Children 17 and under are FREE!

No pre-registration allowed, just show up at the door.

Friday, April 28, 2017, 4:30PM, 252 East Main Street in Fredericksburg


Join us as John Karger, Master Falconer, puts raptors from Last Chance Forever, The Bird of Prey Conservancy, through their paces. A beautiful array of rehabilitated raptors will be presented for your enjoyment and education along with an amazing display of flight by some of the birds. Don't miss this great fun while learning of the human relationship to these marvels of nature! Children and adults alike will not go away disappointed.

Bird of Prey Demonstration

Last Chance Forever provides educational programming that seeks to inspire an interest in and an awareness of the natural world which we share with all living things. Their particular focus on birds of prey highlights the birds' importance as part of nature's checks and balances as well as an important indicator species for the future quality of the environment we all live in.

Last Chance Forever, founded in 1978 by Master Falconer and Veterinary Technician John Karger, is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization dedicated to the rehabilitation of sick, injured, and orphaned birds Birds of Preyof prey, scientific investigation, and just as importantly, the education of the public. Each year the project accepts between 150-300 birds into the facility for care. An average of 65-80% of all cases are successfully returned to nature. Whenever possible, birds that are deemed non-releasable and not suffering, are held to be placed in propagation projects, natural science centers for educational purposes, or humane research projects.

Last Chance Forever 



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